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Viv O'Gara

Viv O'Gara - Becoming a TCRG was something I had never thought about when growing up.  I had danced as a child and competed at world championship level for the Robson Academy based in the North East of England where I grew up.  I loved Irish Dancing but competing at a high level was an expense my family could not afford so I was forced to give up my much loved hobby earlier than I would have liked. 

When I was 30 I joined an adults Irish Dance class in Reading (where I lived).  The Heneghan James School of Irish Dance.   I quickly became addicted and after a short time was asked if I would take over the childrens classes which had previously been taught by the lovely Linda Heneghan.  What started off as temporarily covering two classes a week soon grew to over one hundred pupils and more importantly I knew it was what I wanted to do as a career.   I took my TCRG in 2005 and passed first time, it was quite honestly the happiest day of my life.  Since then the school has grown and grown and it is now my full time occupation. 

Claire Saxon - The school was proud to welcome another TCRG in 2013 when Claire Saxon also successfully passed her TCRG first time.  Like me Claire had danced when younger with CLRG and joined the Reading adult class as a hobby.  Her passion and drive led her to taking her teachers exam and she now enjoys teaching with the school.

Katie Maguire McMorrow - Katie comes from a family whose passion for Irish Dancing is unbeatable. Her mother Kathleen Maguire is a three timies world champion and is still a big part of the school. Katie herself placed top three in every major championship and won the North American championships twice. She performed in Riverdance for over ten years and was one of the youngest ever teachers to pass her adjudication exam with An Commission.

Ellie Maguire - Ellie is literally an Irish dancing legend holding two world records for Irish Dancing. During her highly successful competitve career she won over 30 major championships including three world championships and four All Irelands. Ellie went on to tour the world with Riverdance before returning to teach with her family.

Viv Dancing
Viv O'Gara
"The School's aim is to teach the wonderful art of Irish Dancing to as many children as possible, keeping costs to a minimum and having fun".
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